WIDE Switzerland

is a network of NGO representative, academics and activists working in the field of gender and development. The objective of WIDE Switzerland is to investigate Swiss development policies as well as economic and social policy with a focus on gender relations, to engage in public debates and to promote networking and knowledge dissemination in these subject areas.

WIDE Switzerland is a member of WIDE+.


WIDE+ Concerence

WIDE+ and EWL International Conference “Movements, Borders, Rights? Feminist perspectives on global issues in Europe“

24-25 October, 2016, Brussels, Belgium

The world seems to be in turmoil, and Europe is deeply affected as economic and political power is reconfiguring on a global scale. The recent Brexit is an expression of the deep divide in many countries, with right-wing populism on the rise. Years of austerity and market liberalisation politics have increased the social and economic precarity and feelings of insecurity. The lack of political transparency and democratic decision making resulted in a loss of credibility of both national governments and the EU. The potential of the EU as a peaceful, democratic, social and open-border model of cooperation is under threat. In view of the humanitarian crises in the EU neighbourhood which have forced millions of people to flee from their countries, Europe´s main answer is to build new fences to stop them.

Women In Development Europe+ (WIDE+) and the European Women’s Lobby (EWL) are organizing this two-day international conference to develop a consistent feminist analysis on these global developments faced by Europe. Panels and workshops will explore the ways in which social justice, gender equality and women’s rights are affected, sacrificed or squeezed.

Read the final statement: here.